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Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) – Big Data and Analytics

Digital Transformation with Big Data and Analytics

With our expertise in Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics, we are helping the Kenya Bureau of Standards capture useful insight with customized dashboard and management reports, we make the decision of their quality checks and processes making a less tedious and more robust.

Our project at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) works to digitise and automate and integrate its key processes.

We are working to set up an integrated system for Quality Assurance, Inspection, Market Surveillance, Levy, and Standards. This will be achieved through an online tracking system and Standards Development Process workflow system.

  • Integrated Process Efficiency: It is realized that not all transformation elements result in a system, therefore it is expected that a business process re-engineering towards cross-function efficiency is implemented.
  • Customer Value: KEBS focus is on improving value to its customers, both internal and external, and especially the latter as a public enterprise. This is to be achieved by empowering the consumers with online self-service, digital complaints registration encompassing social media, improving the speed of serving customers and providing easy access to capacity building.
  • Improved Revenue: this digital transformation exercise is expected to result in increased revenue to the organization by blocking leakages and inefficiencies of collection, moving more towards real-time revenue realization and opening up new areas of monetization (and by innovation).
  • Digitized Enterprise: by the end of this automation exercise, KEBS should be fully transformed into a fully digitized organization, which shall become a platform for future innovations and increased value to the public and wider economic ecosystems globally.

Integration with existing systems

The proposed system will be integrated with KEBS existing systems and external parties such as Sage 300, Laboratories Management Information System, KEBS Webstore, PVOC Inspection agents/Partners contracted by KEBS, Kenya Revenue Authority, Registrar of Companies and KENTRADE- Kenya National Electronic Single Window (KNESWS). The system will enable clients to access services and information, make payments, track the processing of their requests and submit complaints through a live online system.

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