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Inside BSK Global


Project Collaboration

Solution Implementation

We handle projects’ transition from the creators to the client very carefully, putting in mind timelines, stakeholders and security requirements from the start. We do this by working together with the client’s team to facilitate seamless and successful handover.


Requirement Gathering

Conduct preliminary research and gather objective data about the problem


Design Planning

Model the solution based on optimal solutions to pre-identified problems


Implementation Planning

Identify appropriate methods to implement the solution


Continuity Planning

Create an actionable plan on product installation and handof


Testing & Maintenance

Implement the solution and train users for smooth product adoption

Project Collaboration

Innovation Partnerships

We partner with digital service providers to collaborate on projects that bring value to customers beyond our scope. Such innovation partnerships include working with IBM, SAP and Oracle to provide scalable and reputable solutions to each of our clients.


Working within the IBM PartnerWorld ecosystem enables us to access leading technology partners, industry experts and digital marketplaces that open up new opportunities to craft cutting-edge digital offerings. With IBM as our partner, we are able to design, test and deliver relevant solutions using customized and expert tools and infrastructure.

Key Service Points

  • Adoption of modern multiprocessing infrastructure platforms
  • Access to open-source and commercial knowledge databases
  • Analysis and migration of processes towards efficient technology
  • IBM AI tools for intelligent business and enterprise security
  • Real-time, all-rounded business analytics and reporting


Being a leading innovation partner of SAP, our top agenda is to build, implement, and run new SAP solutions that best fits business and enterprise needs. We are in a position to deliver top technology to customers, companies and firms in Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. We invest in our team of experienced and skilled innovators with a vast knowledge base to ensure successful project delivery.

Key Service Points

  • Comprehensive customer relationship management tools
  • Integrated and detailed business analytics
  • Active data mining & access to local and global data banks
  • Assisted system, database, and integrated tool migration


We are a member of the Oracle Open Partner Cloud Program. By plugging into Oracle’s digital cloud resources, knowledge base and team experience, we have created and delivered innovative enterprise solutions that facilitate business IQ enlightenment for corporates, technology firms and business leaders within and around Sub-Saharan Africa. Our full investment in building intelligent cloud solutions has resulted in building positive customer engagement with innovative businesses.

Key Service Points

  • Availability of cloud software, platforms and infrastructure as a service
  • IT infrastructure definition, analysis and migration
  • Customized industry solutions per business objectives
  • Real-time, all-rounded business analytics and reporting

We work together

Some of our partners

In order to serve our customer better, we maintain a database of carefully-selected technology partners, with whom we share business values and visions.